About Us

Ironbark Aussie Pets was born from our family’s life-long love of animals.

We specialise in dog and reptile breeding and care, and are beyond passionate about animal well-being and top quality, functional, australian & imported products for pets.

Our retail business followed our breeding programs: when we saw the need to source these products for people buying our pets and wanting only the best items for them.

We have recently purchased 400 acres in Robin Falls, Northern Territory, with a 10-year outlook to run an eco-lodge and a reptile care and rehabilitation facility. We also aim to continue our dog breeding program, always looking to improve the French Bulldog breed.


Our Family:

Dad: Rob is a reptile breeder: he started around 8 years ago and has been making positive steps towards the improvement of many different species of reptiles in this time.

Mum: Emma is a dog breeder, with a family history of dog breeding. She is currently breeding French Bulldogs with the outlook to improve the breed.

The Kids: Hunter (snake and reptile mad) & Aurora (horse and dog mad) are passionate about animals as well.

Our entire family was raised with animals, and we continue spend most of our spare time nurturing animals today- it’s a good life!