Varanus acanthurus (Ridge-tail Monitor)

The Ridge-tailed monitor (varanus acanthurus) is a smaller monitor species and a favorite with captive keepers. Having a SVL of 75-250mm it is quite an easy monitor to keep.

In the wild the Ridge-tailed monitor can be found in western Queensland threw into the Northern Territory and as far as the top half of Western Australia. You will find this species hiding out among rocks foraging for food or out basking in the morning and afternoon sun.

In captivity you will need an appropriate sized enclosure, preferably with some rock piles to hide in and some sand to fulfill their love of digging.

The ideal temperature setting for this species would be a gradient temperature of 28’c – 35’c and a basking temperature of 40’c – 70’c. Please contact us if you require any further information on these animals, as at ironbark pets we want to help you make the right informed choice when taking home one of our animals