Varanus brevicauda (Short Tailed Pygmy Monitor)

Varanus brevicauda (Short tailed pygmy monitor)

The world’s 2nd smallest monitor lizard, having an average adult length of 70-110mm SVL. They inhabit the red sand dunes and plains of central Australia living among the spinifex from the northern territory and it to Western Australia.

In captivity these monitors are highly sort after due to their great looks, personality and adorable size. Keeping varanus brevicauda in captivity is quite simple, they do not require allot of room however they love to dig and hide among plants and rocks.

If you wish to keep them you will need to provide some deep sand substrate, hides and an adequate basking spot. The ideal temperature setting for this species would be a gradient temperature of 28’c – 35’c and a basking temperature of 40’c – 70’c.

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