Varanus gilleni (Pygmy mulga monitor)

Varanus gilleni (Pygmy mulga monitor)

The Pygmy mulga monitor ( varanus gilleni ) is a small species of monitor reaching an average adult length of 35cm ,with over half of that being tail.

This species is arboreal spending most of its time in hollows and using its prehensile tail while foraging. Inhabiting a large range of central Australian with the largest populations being in the northern territory stretching out into western Australian, south Australian and onto the border of Queensland.

In captivity a suitable enclosure would favour height over length and consist of many hollowed logs and branches. You will also need to provide an adequate basking spot and access to a water source.

The ideal temperature setting for this species would be a gradient temperature of 28’c – 35’c and a basking temperature of 40’c – 70’c.

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