Varanus glauerti (Kimberley Rock Monitor)

Varanus glauerti

Kimberley Rock Monitor

The Kimberly rock monitor ( Varanus glauerti ) is one of Australia’s medium to smaller monitor species. Found in the scenic rock faces of the Kimberly in Western Australia.

This species navigates the rock crevices in search of prey only showing itself when in hot pursuit of an unsuspecting insect or catching some of the sun’s rays.

In captivity this species is still sum what rare and at ironbark pets we are privileged to work with them. There natural calm demeanor and inquisitive personality makes them highly sort after.

Husbandry of this species can be quiet simple; an adult Kimberly rock monitor can grow to 1500mm SVL so an appropriate size enclosure is essential. While also providing places to hide, a vertical surface to climb and ideally some rock stacks. This species also requires a basking temperature of 50’c – 60’c and a gradient of 28’c- 35’c.

If these requirements can be met in conjunction with a healthy diet, you will have a happy monitor and be left to enjoy a wonderful Australia species.

Please contact us if you require any further information on these animals, as at ironbark pets we want to help you make the right informed choice when taking home one of our animals.