Varanas kingorom (Long Tailed Rock Monitor)

Long tailed rock monitor ( Varanas kingorom ) is an active small rock monitor found in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

These monitors are a favourite among keeps as they are little Aussie larrikins, showing off as they run over each other to hunt down insects and scale rock stacks.

At ironbark pets they are a pleasure to keep and breed in captivity. With husbandry quit the same as other rock monitor species such as glauerti.

They require a hot spot of 50’c-60’c and a gradient of 28’c-35’c. it is also essential to provide many places to hide and rocks to scale.

This species at maturity measures around 90mm SVL so housing in smaller enclosures can be done. This is a great species for entry level monitor keepers and people that want an active to watch and enjoy.

Please contact us if you require any further information on these animals, as at ironbark pets we want to help you make the right informed choice when taking home one of our animals.